I WAS RAISED IN Elkridge, MD and Wilmington, DE.

Besides way too much homework, my day consists of soccer, track, training, meetings and other various activities. Over the years, the UNIQUELY YOU SUMMIT has taught me that being a black girl is hard in a society that pushes you down with your every success. But if you believe and push hard enough, no one can get in the way of your dreams. Also, I've learned: live your life well! 

I define #FORTHELOVEOFBLACKGIRLS as a motto that everyone should live by because of everything that we have overcome.  And to show how strong we are!

I feel most brave when I am playing soccer.  Beautiful when I am laughing, and having fun, and brilliant when I'm in math class.  If I could tell black girls one secret, it would be, "to be yourself, and don’t let anyone change you, because you’ve only got one life." And if I could change ONE STEREOTYPE about black girls, it would be, "that we are all ghetto and we can't speak proper English, or if we do its a surprise." 


But my #BlackGirlInspiration is Michelle Obama.  Right, now I'm reading "MacBeth." 

I will use my COVER GIRL PLATFORM to motivate and inspire young girls of all races and backgrounds to show them you don't have to be super pretty or really smart, to be able to take chances in life, and to have them actually come true.

And I will use it in service to motivate and inspire girls in my community to be a better them, and that you are beautiful no matter what people tell you.