I  was RAISED IN Silver Spring, MD, but I call Kingston, Jamaica HOME.

Besides way too much homework, my day consists of doing lots of theater programs, going to school, listening to music, and watching my favorite political dramas. Over the years, the UNIQUELY YOU SUMMIT has taught me to love myself unapologetically, to be proud of who I am, and to always work hard to achieve my goals. 

I define #FORTHELOVEOFBLACKGIRLS as a movement that brings awareness to how amazing black girls are, and that we should be treated as such.

I feel most brave when I am on stage performing. Beautiful when my hair is up or when I have a good outfit on, and brilliant when I live my life the best way I can.  If I could tell black girls one secret, it would be, "even if you're perfect at absolutely everything, you will still be judged by your skin color. So don't try to mold yourself to society's standards."  And if I could change ONE STEREOTYPE about black girls, it would be, "even though some of us are independent and strong, that does not mean we don't need help.  We deserve to be treated as human beings." 

My GREATEST INFLUENCE is INDIA ARIE. Her music is what I want to feel and be everyday.  

My #BlackGirlInspirations are Nina Simone and Amandla Stenberg.  Right now I'm reading "Americanah," "Frankenstein, and "King Lear." 

I will use my COVER GIRL PLATFORM to spread positivity to all different types of black girls. I will also use it to raise awareness to different social justice platforms around the world and in my community. I want to be able to give all black girls a voice. And to show black girls who look like me that they are beautiful.

And I will use it in service to helping black girls learn about their individuality and how their appearance does not define their beauty. I want to help black girls be in touch with their mental, emotional, and physical health, because I was never given the space to grieve and be sad, and be okay with being depressed. I want to help black girls learn to love their whole selves.

I’m mostly self-conscious about my physical appearance and how I am perceived in school. I was teased a lot for my weight, so I'm kind of scared about it when I take pictures. This photo shoot is kind of hard for me because of how I think I look. For school, I really don't like when I'm perceived as dumb.  So I take my work very seriously.  Sometimes I overwork myself to the point of where I barely get sleep.