"You matter, even though the world has tried to tell you otherwise. Our INTENTION is to provoke a state of mind within you where you do not feel inferior or inadequate because of the degree of your melanin; hair type or texture; OR social, cultural or familial complexity. BUT equipped with the knowledge THAT YOU ARE Far TOo valuable TO BE OBJECTIFIED AND DEHUMANIZED, and FAR TOO WORTHY tO BE EXCLUDED."

This mindset alone defies the world's often oppressive one-dimensional stereotype of what black girls [should] look like, act and sound like; what they [should] value and seek to attain; and what they [should] believe in and aspire to become. 

UYS was created to deepen the efforts of social change in the communities where black girls live; by aiding them in their understanding of their worth and of their specific, unique and individual purposes, for the explicit intent of making their families better, and the world. 


EMPOWERing BLACK girls right where they are to go places they've never been.


  1. INDIVIDUALITY:  We cultivate, incite and celebrate individuality among black girls in a society that tells them to conform. 

  2. AGENCY: We aid (and advocate for) black girls in their understanding of having choice - despite the many s0cial factors of influence like class, religion, gender, race or ability. We want black girls to have agency over their own lives, and agency over their own bodies. 

  3. INTERSECTIONALITY:  We introduce the ideology of intersectionality as we continue to deepen the understanding that black girls have [of their] multiple identities. 

  4. COLORISM:  We address the unfortunate value assigned to skin hues in the world, unpack the dynamics of what they mean socially, and encourage (and work toward) the eradication of colorism [through a deeper historical, cultural and social understanding of its roots in European standards of beauty] for the betterment of ALL black girls.

  5. MIS-EDUCATION & HISTORY:  A re-education of who we are, what we are, and the history of where we come from, so that it positively shapes character, confidence and identity for black girls.

  6. SISTERHOOD: We nurture and galvanize oneness and solidarity in a culture that tells black girls to compare, and to compete with other black girls.

  7. CELEBRATION: We affirm and celebrate the unique experiences of black girls that are regularly left out of popular American culture. 




  • To help black girls embrace & identify their individuality
  • To teach black girls how to self-love and self-care
  • To help black girls discover and use their unique voices
  • To aid black girls in the development of the confidence and life skills essential to building a powerful, healed, whole, healthy and unique self
  • To help black girls [believe they can] impact and create social change, political change, and cultural shifts within their very own families, communities and the world
  • To build and educate articulate, brave and outspoken young black women leaders
  • To help black girls understand that their existence is for the purpose of making the world a better place
  • To help black girls understand [and feel empowered enough to interrupt] the singular expression of black beauty
  • To help black girls unpack, understand and burn down the pillars of patriarchy
  • To expose black girls to phenomenal black women