I was RAISED IN Philadelphia, PA.

Besides way too much homework, my day consists of going to school and a lot of extracurricular activities.  Over the years, the UNIQUELY YOU SUMMIT has taught me about my history as an African-American girl, and that it is okay to embrace my uniqueness, my drive and my melanin! 

I define #FORTHELOVEOFBLACKGIRLS as the hashtag that praises all black girls and they're amazingness and uniqueness through the power of social media.

I feel most brave when I am speaking publicly or presenting on a topic or topics that I am passionate about.  Beautiful when I am around people that care about me (family and friends).  They make me feel like I am most beautiful.  And brilliant when I help others in my community or in my personal life.  If I could tell black girls one secret, it would be, "that the way the media and Americans see us as black women, does not define who we are in real life and how we carry ourselves."  And if I could change ONE STEREOTYPE about black girls, it would be, "the angry black woman and the single struggling mother; because not all black women are angry and hostile.  This stereotype affects how we are perceived and has a large impact on how we are looked at when we are trying to get jobs or just doing everyday tasks." 

MY GREATEST INFLUENCE is Jill Scott because her music gives me so much life and hope, and her words have so much meaning. I have been listening to her forever and she's influenced me in ways indescribable. Her music has gotten me through many tough times in my life, its taught me to keep pushing.

But my #BlackGirlInspiration is the brilliant black women I see on a daily; they inspire me and give me a glimpse at what I want to be and will become one day. Right now I'm reading "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. 

I will use my COVER GIRL PLATFORM to empower young women of color across Philadelphia by inspiring them to express their uniqueness and themselves to the fullest extent they can possibly be.