Are you interested in SPONSORING A GIRL to participate in the 2016 UNIQUELY YOU SUMMIT for Girls?  We'd love for you to get involved! We believe that EVERY GIRL that desires to attend the program should have the opportunity to do so!

Since 2009, the UNIQUELY YOU SUMMIT has been enriching the lives of BLACK GIRLS in the Greater Philadelphia and DMV regions. Thousands of girls and young black women have benefited from this necessary and relevant program!

Sponsor a Girl!



It is our hope that EVERY GIRL that desires to attend the 6th Annual UNIQUELY YOU SUMMIT for girls has the opportunity!

If you are having trouble covering the Registration Fee to attend, please follow the instructions below.
 (Be advised that sponsorship does NOT include travel and/or lodging.)

Sponsorship Requirements

  • AGE:  You must be between the ages of 11 and 18 and CURRENTLY enrolled in middle OR high school.
  • ATTENDANCE:  If a donor is found for you, you MUST commit to attending the 2016 UNIQUELY YOU SUMMIT on BOTH Saturday & Sunday in Philadelphia. 
  • FUNDING:  You must understand that the number of girls needing sponsorship must match the number of Sponsor a Girl Donors.  You will be notified as to whether or not you have received a donor by Wednesday, September 14th.

To Apply

  • APPLICATION:  You must fill out the application form below.
  • ESSAY:  You must write an essay (a minimum of 400 words) describing why coming to the 6th Annual UNIQUELY YOU SUMMIT is important to you!  You will submit the essay in the form below.
  • DEADLINE:  Friday, September 9th. 


Please email them to

Name *
Let us know the grade you finished in Spring of 2016.
Fill in "I need a Sponsor!" below
Essay must be at least 400 words.