I was RAISED IN Philadelphia, PA.

Besides way too much homework, my day consists of going to school, and spending time with my friends and family.  Over the years, the UNIQUELY YOU SUMMIT has taught me that it is okay to be unique. Everyone is unique in their own special way and we should not be afraid of our uniqueness, but display it to the world.

I define #FORTHELOVEOFBLACKGIRLS as a cry to our society for more appreciation and love for young black girls and women.

I feel brave when I have people supporting me.  Beautiful when I am happy, and brilliant when I apply my knowledge in a productive way.  If I could tell black girls one secret, it would be, "that we are beautiful, no matter what the media wants us to believe. And if I could change ONE STEREOTYPE about black girls girls, it would be, "that we are uneducated. And that only the light skin black girls are pretty."


But my #BlackGirlInspiration is Keke Palmer!  Right now I'm reading “Their Eyes Were Watching God."  

I will use my COVER GIRL PLATFORM to help other black girls understand that they are beautiful and that they are more than what the media portrays us as. And that we do not have to conform to the status quo of society.